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Cher’s musical career has been fairly low profile since she scored a massive late ’90s hit with ‘Believe,’ but her influence continues to be felt in the larger-than-life style of many younger artists — including Lady Gaga, who’s planning to acknowledge that debt with a duet that just might melt the dance floor.

They’re teaming up to record ‘The Greatest Thing,’ a song Gaga offered Cher for her upcoming album.

Initial plans were just for Cher to record it herself, but the divalicious potential of a duet was apparently too much to resist — especially for Cher, who took to Twitter to excitedly share the news, saying, “Can’t wait till GaGa puts her Voice on ‘The Greatest Thing’ SHE WILL ROCK IT SO FKNG HARD!”

Cher’s new album will be the latest in a series of comeback efforts dating back to the ’80s, when she reinvented herself as a leather-lunged belter of Diane Warren power ballads — and then reinvented herself again as a club queen in the late ’90s. There’s no telling what the new album, her first since 2001′s ‘Living Proof,’ will sound like — only that it’d be foolish to count out the possibility of yet another chart-topping hit for an artist who never seems to run out of them.

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