To paraphrase the late Robert F. Kennedy, some people would ask 'Why put sloppy joe meat into a deep-fried, glazed donut shell?' but Charlie Boghosian asks 'Why not?' Boghosian, known to many fans of fair food (and presumably their cardiologists) as "Chicken Charlie," debuted a Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe Donut Sandwich at the San Diego Fair on Saturday.

Boghosian's Facebook page states "your stomach will thank you" for the new donut sandwich (however your heart may get a restraining order). Boghosian will be serving the new sandwich at the fair through July 4.

The Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe Donut Sandwich is an example of national exceptionalism. Other nations may have surpassed America in the fields of nanotechnology and sub-atomic particle science, but until those fancy physicists figure out how to put gravy and cheese on the Higgs Boson, the U.S. will maintain its lead in fast food technology. Once enough of this junk food is exported overseas, the rest of the world will be as fat as us, and the playing field will be level once again. Problem solved.

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