KOOL 101.7 will again use Sgt. Lee Smith of the 148th Fighter Wing will check in with 9 reports between 5 pm and 8 pm on Christmas Eve.

KOOL is proud to be working with the 148th Fighter Wing for the 11th year to present up to the minute reports on where Santa is and how soon he will get to the Northland.

The 148th Fighter Wing is also on call just in case Santa runs into trouble and has been gracious enough to share their reports with KOOL 101.7

He will talk about Santa's technology, get news from Mrs. Claus about Santa, let you know some facts about Santa, give quick reports where Santa is and what he is doing so the kids of the Northland can get to bed in time for Santa to deliver presents.

Sgt Lee Smith has a great relationship with the elves to tell you behind the scenes stories and news and brings his knowledge of reading radar to life as he reports exclusively to KOOL 101.7. Santa will be busy navigating the world and KOOL 101.7 is proud to let you know where he is and how soon he will arrive.

Here are Satelite images from outer space tracking Santa too.

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