Back in 1949, the movie wasn't doing so well, so the movie company RKO with NBC teamed up to create interest in the picture.

Flash forward, the movie starts to become a holiday tradition. Every TV network and TV station was playing the movie. It was all due to a clerical error, which made the movie public domain and could present it free. That meant that any tv network or station could run the movie and not have to pay any kind of licensing fees.

It only won one award, just special effects who created the snow for the move. Because he believed in the movie, Jimmy Stewart made this rare radio appearance and brought his role back to life. Back in the day, radio was king and everyone would listen to sports, plays, and dramas. This presentation was to help sell the movie.

Presented on KOOL 101.7 exactly the way it was on the air, including the pre-sell for the next week's program. Gather around the radio like they did when this was first presented and listen. The show will play at 7:00 pm on Christmas Eve, and again on Christmas Day at 1:00 pm and 5 pm.

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