Join KOOL 101.7 this Memorial Day Weekend as we highlight the hits of 1984, one of the most diverse years in pop music history.

Ronald Reagan was President, America was selling guns to Iran, the AIDS epidemic was just starting and people didn't understand it. George Orwell's 1984 was brought to the forefront that there was always an eye on you.

Music splintered into many different things, Prince broke the barriers by showing up on the rock charts, and had the number one song, album and movie Purple Rain, in the country. Boy George was a boy but looked like a girl. The Replacements became part of the mainstream. Everybody had a shot at making the pop charts.

Bruce Springsteen was Born In The USA and Michael Jackson debuted his longform version of "Thriller" as he squeezed the last juice out of that album. While he and his brothers made an album together and went on tour selling their tickets for $30 each and held a lottery because they couldn't keep up with the demand.

This weekend you can hear music from the most diverse year in music. 1983 might have been the year that changed music, but 1984 was the year that brought out the diversity the music could be and artist were breaking down doors and barriers. KOOL 101.7 brings you the music of 1984 to help celebrate Memorial Day Weekend.

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