Many people I know have undergone knee replacement, you probably know some yourself. Mrs. Rayman has been struggling with a bad knee for years, and replacement time is near. The photo above shows bone on bone (left knee) and normal on the right.

Bear in mind I'm not a medical professional, just a man married to a woman who is in constant pain. So I decided to do some research. As I understand it the cartilage wears down over the years, causing a bone on bone situation which of course is extremely painful. This can be caused by several things, but most often an earlier injury to the knee.

Steroid injections can be given, along with electrostatic charges, braces etc. Steroid injections can often work for years for example. While these may delay the surgery and offer temporary relief, an eventual partial or full knee replacement oftentimes becomes necessary.

The majority of people I know who have had the surgery are now more mobile and suffer little to no pain at all. While nothing can replace the original knee perfectly, overall consensus is that surgery is the most effective procedure long term.

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