Milo is undoubtedly the world's cutest thief. Her whiskers. Her paws. Her prancing about the neighborhood, going into random houses willy-nilly and accidentally stealing a bunch of stuff. Adorable. Unless of course you're the owner of one of the 20 sets of keys she's stolen over the past week.

Milo's owner, Kirsten Alexander, got her a magnetic cat door to keep other neighborhood cats from entering their northeast London home. It kept other cats out of their home, but it didn't keep Milo out of the neighbors' homes, and the magnetic collar that Milo was wearing was strong enough to pick up keys, nails, screws and bolts.

When Alexander saw Milo come in with a set of keys dangling from her neck, she realized what was happening, and ultimately found 12 sets of keys in her garden and eight in her home. All have since been returned to their owners, who weren't upset by Milo's misbehavior, because that's just how cute she is.

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