On August 21, 2012, Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) will release KISS’s 1976 multi-platinum, Destroyer Album called Destroyer: Resurrected. The newly remixed from the original master tapes by the album’s original producer, Bob Ezrin.

According to kissonline.com, Bob Ezrin pulled the tapes from the vaults and remixed the entire album, enhancing the sound and bringing out its rich texture and vibrancy, while keeping the integrity of the original recording intact. Destroyer: Resurrected will also include rare and unreleased recordings rediscovered during the remixing process.

A couple of things that will be presented in the new package is an extended version of "Beth" and an alternate guitar solo on "Sweet Pain", that KISS says was the original solo.

Destroyer: Resurrected will now be issued with the originally intended cover art thought too controversial for the time. Created by artist Ken Kelly, the “brown” cover depicts KISS dressed in their ALIVE! costumes and standing on rubble in front of a burning city in ruins. At the time, the record company thought it was too violent and settled for the tamer “blue” version known today.

Ken Kelly also had to repaint because the costumes had changed since the Alive record.

This release also marked the first time that a comic-book illustration of the band appeared on the cover, confirming that the band was transforming from hard rockers to superheroes.