Remember in high school you would dip everything in ketchup and the combination of mayonnaise and ketchup was the absolute best thing in which you could ever dip a french fry?

Then we have those who love to put ketchup on everything, like eggs. I can't judge because I have been known to do just that a few times. Ketchup is the condiment that we could put just a little on anything and it instantly tastes better.

Well, a company decided they should capitalize on this with ketchup fans, and this Valentine's Day you can get and give the gift of ketchup truffles.

While the thought of chocolate and ketchup aren't at the top of my "must-try" list, I will say this definitely has me curious. How does it taste? It can't taste too horrible if they are legit making these for the upcoming love holiday.

The company we have come to know and love, Heinz, has wittingly named this the perfect "ValenHeinz" gift. If you are thinking about getting this for your Valentine this year, you can only order them online.

They are reasonably priced but since they are coming from the UK, the postage will get you. If you want them in time for the holiday, we suggest ordering now. It was showing just about a week for delivery.

I may have to put in an order just to taste these for myself. There is no way these could taste all that good.

Ketchup Truffles
Fortnum & Mason

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