Special K cereal is crunchy, but not crunchy enough to cut the inside of your mouth. Some complaints were launched because people were finding small glass pieces in their Red Berry Special K, the company then immediately issued a recall to be safe

According to consumerist.com There are three different sizes of Red Berries:

11.2-ounce package– UPC Code 38000 59923

22.4-ounce twin pack– UPC Code 38000 78356

37-ounce package– UPC Code 38000 20940

If your package has the letters KXA, KXB, or KXC following the Better if Used Before Date, it is also NOT impacted by this recall.

If you have a box of the recalled cereal, Kellogg’s says to not eat it and to contact the company (800-962-1413 Monday – Friday from 8AM – 6PM Eastern Time) to arrange for a replacement coupon.

The UPC code is the series of lines with numbers under it.