Every time we get a strong storm that kicks up big waves, it creates what is undeniably an awe-inspiring spectacle. These waves often draw groups of people to places like Canal Park to wave watch. While it is quite the sight, these waves can also be destructive and dangerous.

During any wind event with waves of the magnitude we're expecting this week, there's always the chance of pieces of driftwood, rocks, or other debris being forced airborne by the waves and flying ashore. Because of that, it's always important to keep your distance. For this storm, there's an added threat of flying ice.

On Tuesday, the National Weather Service shared a message on social media (below) about ice that remains on Lake Superior. With the strong winds and powerful waves expected Wednesday night and through the day Thursday, there's a chance of some of this ice making its way to our shoreline to be busted up against the shore and forced ashore by the waves.

Adding to reasons to just stay away, flooding in Canal Park is anticipated, and officials with the City of Duluth are flat-out advising people stay away from the Lakewalk and Canal Park during this storm for the sake of public safety. You can safely watch the waves remotely, via one of a number of lake webcams, including some listed in this post about the city's advisory.

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