Super Bowl 52 will have Justin Timberlake as the halftime show, and his press conference was held today talking about everything from his birthday to if anyone will join him onstage.

We have had our own Nick Cooper live from Minneapolis all week. He was able to get into the press conference and live stream it for all of us!

Some highlights of the press conference:

  • The press sang Timberlake happy birthday, which felt a little forced in my opinion.
  • Timberlake said that no special guests will be performing with him, but that could be a smokescreen for all we know.
  • Timberlake didn't gain many fans in Minnesota when asked who he's cheering for as he said "Go Pack Go". It has been known that JT is a Packers fan and on some degree I have to respect him sticking to his guns in enemy territory.
  • The oddest part of the presser was when a reporter asked Timberlake if he would allow for his son to play football (because that seems to be a buzz question every reporter asks now), Timberlake sort-of joking but no one know's said that "My son will never play football". Now to be fair, he said it very quickly and with the tone that he could be joking. There was some nervous laughter from the crowd after that one.

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