More pets are lost, stolen, or run away on The 4th of July than any other holiday. Keeping identification on your pets during this time of year is extremely important.

Make sure all tags have a current address, phone number and email. If your pet is micro-chipped, make sure that you have let your pet recovery service know if there have been any changes since the microchip was placed. Here is a website if you and your pet are separated, they specialize in getting them back home to you. Go to that website and register your dog.

According to the American Kennel Club Companion Recovery Service, the 4th of July is the biggest day for reporting lost dogs and for recovering dogs.

Here's some helpful tips for pets.

1. Beware of fireworks. Fireworks are no blast for some pets, if you are blowing some off at home, make sure they have a safe, secure place to be.

2. Confirm your pet’s collar and I.D. information. All it takes is one blast and they could be running, if found would someone be able to read the info and bring them back?

3. Be careful with 4th of July decorations. Glow sticks look like toys to dogs and they may steal other things that may be harmful also.

4. Call your vet. Maybe your dog needs something to calm them down from your vet.

5. Watch the alcohol. No, it's not funny to get your pet drunk.  If alcohol is ingested, your pet could become very intoxicated and weak, severely depressed, and could go into a coma or worse.

6. No picnic table and grill scraps. Always be aware of what friends and family are sneaking to your dog under the table. Chocolate, raisins, and grapes come to mind first.

7. Never leave animals tethered or chained outside. Pets can injure or hang themselves if they jump around or leap over a fence while trying to run from the noises. Cats should stay indoors.

8. Never leave pets in unattended parked car. That would be bad if they were cooked in the car or worse yet, hung themselves on a seat.

9. Stay in the shade. Pets can get heat stroke too. Keep them in the shade with you.

10. Stay hydrated. Dehydration is the top concern. Have water and a bowl with you to share with you.

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