I will be riding in my second "Bikers for Boobs" run this Saturday, September 12th, and what an incredible event to be a part of!

I have never seen so many bikes riding in a group. Riding in such a huge group was a bit intimidating at first, but when you hear hundreds of bikes start up at once your heart pounds with excitement! I could not stop smiling!

I invited my grumpy buddy Bill to come out and ride with a “few” friends. He showed up and even the grumpy kept a smile on his face.


This weekend is about a 100 mile ride, and Miss Kelly and I invited few friends to join us this year also! Come be a part of this great ride!

It starts this Saturday with the sign up starting at 9 am, and start of the ride at noon from the checkerboard. Proceeds raised by riders will benefit the Essentia Health Breast Health.  Hope to see you there!


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