All the way through Labor Day, KOOL is going to play all 80s music All Weekend long starting at 2 pm Friday.

The 80s were so many things and the music reflects it. There was excess and DURAN DURAN. There was a recession that helped make Bruce Springsteen a star writing about the average man. The Super Group ASIA was the top Album to start the decade, REO Speedwagon was 1981, Michael Jackson put out the biggest record of the 80s releasing Thriller, and Prince was the first person to be number one on the R & B charts, Pop Charts, Album Charts, and Movie charts.

We had changing looks like Boy George and Cyndi Lauper. Men wore makeup and rocked, like Twisted Sister, Van Halen started playing keyboards, lost a singer and got bigger when they got a new singer when David Lee Roth exited for Sammy Hagar. The Rolling Stones came back, the Beatles came back when they were featured in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Videos were featured on TV, and it made artists have to film and act in front of a camera just to sell their music. A time machine made Michael J Fox a huge star, and women had huge hair.

We are taking you back to those times, all weekend long.

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