Joe Walsh has been a good friend to country music over the last five years, frequently appearing on tracks from artists like Kenny Chesney and Kix Brooks, and jamming with Brad Paisley at award ceremonies. Now Nashville is returning the favor, helping Walsh cut his first country single.

Perhaps ‘Lucky That Way’ isn’t intended to be a country song, but by leaning heavily on the cry of a steel guitar, that’s what Walsh ends up with. The autobiographical song is being promoted to rock and lite rock stations however — he’s no doubt hoping to pull fans from those who bought his last solo album 20 years ago and fans of the Eagles.

And when someone says Hey Joe, I saw you on TV / And how do you know what to play / I just shake my head and smile / Look ‘em in the eyes and say / I’m just lucky that way,” Walsh sings during the chorus. The shuffle and perspective of this song will remind many fans of his hit ‘Life’s Been Good’ from 1978. Unfortunately the lyrics aren’t nearly as much fun.

Got a good woman and she makes me happy / Most of the time I make her happy too / We decided we should live together / So we both said I do,” he sings during he second verse. Did Joe Walsh just make a statement about couples who shack up before marriage? We’ll give the rocker the benefit of the doubt this time.

I’ll let you all in on a little secret / If I could share with you a thing or two / If you act like you know what you’re doing / Everybody thinks that you do.”

The lyrics aren’t brilliant and the pace is sort of lazy, but there’s something charming and comforting about listening to Walsh tell a story. He’s one of very few rockers with an instantly recognizable voice and guitar. The latter gets little play on ‘Lucky That Way,’ but fans will recognize the singer as the same man who sang ‘Rocky Mountain Way.’ He still sounds good, and if country is his direction he’ll find some room between Taylor Swift and Jason Aldean if he works for it. As a rock song, this cut from the upcoming ‘Analog Man’ album (June 5) leaves a little to be desired.


Listen to Joe Walsh,’ Lucky That Way’