Foreigner is coming to Duluth for a concert April 4th. This time it will be a different presentation. They are playing their huge hits, but with an orchestra. The Dave Egger orchestra invited them to try it once, and everyone loved it, so they took the show on the road.

I got a chance to talk to Jeff about the show and asked whether he really liked it or if this was a Mick Jones decision. Jeff came clean and said it was supposed to be a one-off and everyone in the band loved the show and playing, and it freshened up these songs for the audience and for the band.

So, the next step was taking it on the road.

I was also curious about some of Jeff Pilson's older projects. I was able to talk to him about playing in the  80's rock band Dokken. Jeff was very honest, it was not the most fun, but they made some great music.

I also told him I loved the band Steel Dragon, the fictitious band created for the movie ROCKSTAR starring Mark Wahlberg. He had some interesting behind the scenes things for me.


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