Jane Fonda is back to her protesting days and has joined the fight with a group of protesters against the Enbridge Energy's Line 3 project.

WCCO is reporting that Jane Fonda was in Park Rapids and was part of the group of protesters thatare against the pipeline that runs across Minnesota, beginning in Alberta, Canada and ending in Superior, Wisconsin. She joined with the opponents that say the project could pollute native land and water across where the pipeline runs.

Supporters are also on the lines to say it provides jobs and helps the economy.

Jane Fonda is not afraid to get arrested, she did so last November of 2019 in Washington DC. The NY Times reported on Jane Fonda as protesting the urgency of the climate crisis and was part of the protests on the Capital. She was arrested every Friday with other famous people like Sam Waterston, Ted Danson, Rosanna Arquett, and Catherine Keener.

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Fonda is now 83 and says she has her fire back and feels strongly about the Enbridge Energy's Line 3 project. The protesters are feeling the energy of the activist. Jane Fonda also posted a video on Instagram in the morning in the middle of a two-day visit to the protest and said on the video that it's a foreign company bringing oil from Canada.

Jane Fonda posed a lot while holding some of the signs while shouting with the protesters had to say. Jane Fonda is very well known for speaking out against some projects that have to do with the environment.

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