Welcome to another episode of Choad Rage. When driving, I prefer to concentrate on...driving. That should be a given. We drive thousand(s)-pound-death-machines-on-wheels at high speeds, so focusing on the task of not killing myself or someone else while getting to whichever side hustle I don't even remember at this point...should be automatic.

For far too many Minnesota commuters, that's not automatic.

30,000 Minnesotans Admit to Working While Driving

This pic needs to be approved ASAP (Photo by Marlon Lara on Unsplash)
This pic needs to be approved ASAP (Photo by Marlon Lara on Unsplash)

This study isn't including folks who drive for a living (postal workers, truck drivers, Uber/Lyft, delivery drivers, etc).

I-35W shouldn't be known as a hub of work productivity (road construction notwithstanding), but apparently it is; as are I-94 and I-494.

Researchers say that these routes "mirror the energetic professional culture of Minneapolis" as commuters use their drive time "effectively". I don't think "effectively" is the right word. More like "dangerously".

Crashed the car, still gotsta cloes the deal (Photo by Daria Nepriakhina 🇺🇦 on Unsplash)
Crashed the car, still gotsta close the deal (Photo by Daria Nepriakhina 🇺🇦 on Unsplash)

Referring to a car as a "rolling office" where you make "dashboard deals" is ridiculous. It's a car: it's purpose is to get you from point A to point B while listening to Central Minnesota's Classic Rock Authority 103.7 The Loon.

Or podcasts. Whatever.

Stop replacing work/life balance with work/driving imbalance. Save the burnouts for motorcycles and muscle cars at biker bars.

Remember that you weren't put on this planet for the sole purpose of working every waking moment of your life, whether you're simultaneously doing something very important or not.

You were put on this planet because your parents didn't plan ahead.

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