It was a weekend for riding. Whether you were riding an ATV, side-by-side, or motorcycle it seemed like EVERYONE was out. One such person, who decided to take their motorcycle for a ride was WCCO meteorologist Chris Shaffer. Unfortunately, it seems Chris forgot to do one thing before taking off with his bike, and that was check the gas tank.

Shaffer took to social media yesterday to share his blunder, while also thanking the kind stranger who bailed him out by getting him some gas, to get where he needed to go.

When you take the Prince bike out for the first time on this Top 10 Weather Day, and you forget to add Purple Rain…I mean…gas. Thanks for the petro Tom! And thanks for watching WCCO.

It seems like Chris took the whole running out of gas thing in stride, I know I'd be pretty embarrassed.

Chris, if you didn't know is from Stillwater, and has been seen and heard on TV or on radio for years. According to his bio on WCCO's website, Chris has been with WCCO since 2006, and before that:

You may have seen him over the years doing the weather on television at KMSP FOX9 and WFTC/UPN 29. You may have also heard him back in his radio days on KOOL108, BOB100 (as Blaze Bodean), 104.1 The Point (as Cheeks), Cities 97, K102 (as Jack Wilde and himself) or KTLK.

What should I do if I run out of gas riding my motorcycle?

If you end up like Chris and are stranded on the side of the road because you ran out of gas, Viking Bags has some safe advice for what you should do.

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Make sure to park your motorcycle at a safe spot far enough from the main road and out of the way of incoming traffic. This allows you to check your bike’s condition without interruption. Then use Google Maps, or your cell phone to find the nearest gas station, or call for assistance.

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