If you live in the North Star State, you're no stranger to a snowy winter. However, when it comes to snowfall, one small town is hands down the snowiest place in all of Minnesota.

According to A-Z Animals, the second and third snowiest spots in Minnesota pale in comparison to this northern Minnesota town that gets the most snowfall annually.

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Welcome to the Snowiest Town in Minnesota

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

While the average annual snowfall in the U.S. is around 28 inches, the western Duluth suburb of Hermantown receives a staggering 73 inches on average every year. In fact, last year, Hermantown topped that with an astounding 84 inches of snow!

Close behind are the cities of Duluth and International Falls, with 71 and 69 inches, respectively.

Here's what A-Z Animals has to say about Hermantown:

73 inches of snowfall on average each year in Hermantown. The average annual amount of snowfall in the US is 28 inches. On average, Hermantown experiences precipitation on 123 days out of the year. Rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls to the ground is referred to as precipitation. Precipitation must fall to the ground for at least.01 inches before it can be measured. As for rainfall, Hermantown gets 32 inches of rain per year.  Hermantown’s temperature rarely rises above a pleasant 86 degrees in the summer, but it can drop as low as 4 to -18 degrees in the winter.

-A-Z Animals Website

To read the full story on the snowiest towns in all of Minnesota, check out the article from A-Z Animals here.

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