We’re at the halfway point of the first season of X-Men ’97, and this show has already given us ’90s nostalgia, tons of mutant drama, some shocking deaths, boatloads of cameos, clever adaptations of classic X-Men comics, and Magneto’s magnificent hair.

If the new trailer for the rest of the season is to be believed, things are only going to get wilder from here on out, with more twists, even higher stakes, and the X-Men ’97 debut of Captain America. Or at least of Captain America’s shield, which makes a brief appearance in the new teaser. Who else would be throwing that thing though?

Cap did make one appearance on the original X-Men: The Animated Series in the Season 5 episode “Old Soldiers.” That was a flashback to Wolverine’s time in World War II when he teamed up with Captain America to fight the Red Skull.

Take a look at the X-Men ’97 “War” teaser below:

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The promo also sets up Mister Sinister as an increasingly important villain on the show after several brief appearances on this season so far. (He also appears in every single version of the X-Men ’97 opening titles, where he freaks the hell out of Morph.)

There are also more Sentinels, several shots of Nightcrawler (who was another occasional X-Men: The Animated Series guest star who just made his X-Men ’97 debut), and the return of Storm, who left the X-Men after losing her powers earlier this season. (Next week’s episode is titled “Lifedeath - Part 2,” and if it is anything like the comic-book version of that storyline, should see Storm regain her mutant abilities.)

New episodes of X-Men ’97 premiere Wednesdays on Disney+.

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