The next Transformers movie is launching its promotional campaign in an extremely literal way: The first trailer for the movie will supposedly debut in space.

Truth be told, I do not fully understand what that means. (Hopefully I do not have to go to space to watch it; I specifically became a film critic because I was promised that this job meant I would never under any circumstances have to go into space.) But according to the press release, the upcoming Transformers One — an animated origin movie for the Transformers franchise — will “launch in space.”

The show will begin online this Thursday at 9AM ET. “After one hour,” per the press release, “the craft will reach its peak at 125,000 feet above the Earth, revealing the trailer with a custom introduction video from our stars: Chris Hemsworth and Brian Tyree Henry.”

Here is a video featuring Hemsworth and Henry hyping the fact that they will be hyping the trailer (which is itself hyping the movie) later this week.

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Transformers One is directed by Josh Cooley, whose previous effort as a director was Pixar’s Toy Story 4. That was a good movie, but to the best of my knowledge its trailers were never shown anywhere but on Earth.

Here is the new Transformers film’s official synopsis:

This long-awaited origin story of how the most iconic characters in the TRANSFORMERS universe, Orion Pax and D-16, went from brothers-in-arms to become sworn enemies, Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Hemsworth voices Orion Pax in the film; Henry plays D-16. The cast of the movie also includes Keegan-Michael Key (as Bumblebee), Scarlett Johansson, Jon Hamm, and Laurence Fishburne.

Transformers One’s trailer will debut on Thursday at 10AM ET. The film is scheduled to open in theaters on September 13.

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