To me, my X-Men movie writers.

Marvel nerds still desperately waiting for the first true live-action X-Men project from Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are finally getting the news they want to hear. A report claims the company is finally in the market for a writer to craft the first X-Men movie set in the MCU.

According to Deadline, “Marvel will start setting writer meetings later this fall for pitches on its anticipated X-Men movie. Insiders add there is no rush to fill the job since the film hasn’t been dated yet, and it’s more than likely that writer decision will be made at the top of 2024.” Note they specifically say Marvel intends to make a movie out of the material, not a TV show. All writing at Marvel and every Hollywood studio has been paused throughout the summer due to the just-concluded writers strike.

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The X-Men movie franchise was at Fox from 2000 to 2019, when Disney acquired the studio. They released one final movie in that original continuity, The New Mutants, in 2020, but thus far have yet to fully integrate the X-Men into the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, save for a few oblique teases. Patrick Stewart had a cameo as Professor Xavier in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and the final episode of the Ms. Marvel TV series referred to Kamala Khan as a mutant.

Although the X-Men movie remains a ways off — it does not have an official release date and is at least four to five years away at the absolute minimum, a few X-Men-related projects will be coming our way before then. Disney+ has an animated sequel to the old X-Men cartoon series of the 1990s called X-Men ’97 that’s set to debut some time next year. And of course both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman will reprise their roles from the Fox X-Men movies in Deadpool 3, coming from Marvel in May of 2024.

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