For many, seeing Hayden Christensen return to the role of Anakin Skywalker was a huge deal. That’s even more true for the actor himself. The character is the defining role of his career so far, and one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars itself.

It's more than a little bit cathartic to see Anakin return on Star Wars: Ahsoka so late in the timeline, even if this Anakin just exists as a ghost or a memory or whatever he was supposed to be. Either way, it gave Ahsoka the guidance she needed to continue fighting and to realize that she could carve out her own path in life. Dwelling in the past will only lead to her downfall.

In a short behind-the-scenes featurette posted to YouTube, Ahsoka series creator Dave Filoni recently talked about his idea to bring Anakin back on the show.

“You know, as I was figuring out the story for Ahsoka, I just really thought, ‘Well, there’s an opportunity, could bring Anakin and Ahsoka together.' It’s just awesome,” he explained.


Rosario Dawson also spoke about the history she had with Christensen before they were reunited to work on the show together. They worked together on a 2003 film called Shattered Glass, but they’d also been in touch for years:

I met Hayden when I was 16. We were in an acting school together over a summer. To have that kind of history with him, it really was like seeing my old friend.

Christensen himself also talked about how amazing it was to be back in his Jedi garb, once again wielding a lightsaber.

Putting on the Anakin costume, getting to wear those Jedi robes, it kind of blows your mind every time. I just feel very grateful.

You can watch the full featurette on Anakin’s return on Ahsoka below:

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