Dee Snider said the offers Twisted Sister is receiving to reunite have become close to impossible to reject.

The singer admitted the surviving band members had begun “very general discussions” about how new shows might be presented, and speculated on why the group is facing such demand to get back together.

“As a result of all the bands retiring and dying, the offers get bigger and bigger for the holdouts to come back,” Snider told The Hook Rocks in a recent interview.

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“We’re on eight years now of not playing, with no intention of coming back. But my father, he says, ‘Everything before the word “but” is bullshit… at some point you’ve gotta say, ‘Well, how can I say no to that?’”

Snider said it hadn’t reached that point but it was “getting close, such that the members had begun thinking, “In the event that the numbers do get there, and they sure as hell seem to be going in that direction, how are we gonna do this?”

Although he’d last year predicted that Twisted Sister would return to play political events during 2024, he said the new thinking was a “recent occurrence,” adding: “The conversation has gone from ‘never’ to ‘in the event that they make as an offer we can’t refuse, what’s the plan?”

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He said light-heartedly: “And there’s some very general discussion on that, involving personal trainers, diets, hair extensions. And that’s the first time in eight years that the conversation has changed.”

The frontman reflected on the band’s previous reunion, saying: “The surviving guys, we all talk and we’re all friends and we love each other – and that was one of the great things that came out of getting back together the first time.

“[W]e managed to fix the friendships and be friends and that, to me, is really why I wanted to do it in the first place.”