John Corabi believes Motley Crue is "burying" his time in the band.

The singer was a guest on The Vinyl Guide podcast, where he discussed his career. When the topic of Motley Crue came up, Corabi revealed that fans at his shows often ask about his tenure in the band.

“They go, ‘Hey, man, are you ever gonna release the Motley stuff on vinyl?’” Corabi said. “I go, ‘That’s a Motley question.’ But I can pretty much tell you that the answer is going to be no.”

Why Is Motley Crue Ignoring Its John Corabi Period?

The singer, who fronted Motley Crue from 1992-96, believes his former bandmates want to ignore his tenure with the group. “They’re burying that time, that five years. That five years did not happen in their lives,” he noted. Corabi’s only album with Motley Crue was a 1994 self-titled LP. Vinyl copies of the record are rare and go for several hundred dollars in secondhand marketplaces.

“I believe I have one copy of the Motley record on vinyl,” Corabi said, adding that the only reason he has a copy is because his ex-wife included it in a box of items she returned to him.

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Why Did John Corabi Join Motley Crue?

Corabi was hired by Motley Crue in 1992 after the band fired original singer Vince Neil. Even though they enjoyed huge success behind such platinum-selling albums as Shout at the Devil (1983), Theatre of Pain (1985), Girls, Girls, Girls (1987) and Dr. Feelgood (1989), the band was falling apart behind the scenes. Officially, Motley Crue claimed Neil’s dismissal was because his longtime hobby, car racing, had "become a priority" in his life. But the singer claimed he quit because the band wanted to go in a bluesier direction.

After auditioning several singers, Corabi, who had been singing in the band the Scream, was given the gig. His run lasted until 1996 when Neil returned.

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What Is John Corabi Doing Now?

These days, Corabi is busy fronting the band the Dead Daisies. The group features a rotating list of musicians, including Deep Purple’s Glenn Hughes and Guns N’ Roses members Dizzy Reed and Richard Fortus. The Dead Daisies have released six studio albums and recently released a best-of compilation.

Corabi has also released a memoir, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades: Tales From the Other Motley Crue Frontman, which arrived in June.

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