For the people who camp in an actual camper vs in a tent or just out under the stars, this time of the year in the Twin Ports means camping season is coming to an end.

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Just this weekend we winterized our camper and as part of that we removed all of the food, secured or removed any bedding and cushions, placed fabric softener sheets in various locations, and of course drained water from the tanks.

In addition to running the water out of the lines, many will use an air compressor to push out remaining water.  This is something I don't do, but of course do use the water pump to pull RV Antifreeze into the water lines throughout the unit.

It's important to remember to open up any faucet or water outlet on the camper when running the antifreeze through.  Even components you might not have used, like the outside shower.

Camper Outside Shower- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Camper Outside Shower- Photo Credit: Joe Danger


I bring up the outside shower because many camper owners don't even realize they have one, or just simply forget about it because they don't use it.  This happened to a buddy I know last winter.  He had never used the outside shower attachment so assumed there was no water that went to the lines, but there was, and it caused a crack and leak after it froze.  That of course could have happened to anyone and I'm sure has happened to many others over the years.

Just giving the reminder that if you are winterizing your camper, double check everything and even get a second set of eyes on it so you don't forget something that could freeze and become a repair issue in the spring.

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