Many people end up with older prescription medications hanging around the house.

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Sometimes they are from a surgery, and you didn't need to finish them for whatever reason.  Maybe you were prescribed something, and it didn't work so they gave you a new prescription and the old ones are just in the cupboard.  Or maybe you unfortunately had to help clean out a home of a loved one and found a bunch of expired and no longer needed medicines.

Whatever the reasons, please make sure you aren't just flushing them down the drain or throwing them into the garbage.  Disposing of them properly helps prevent someone accidentally being poisoned from them or abusing them and helps our environment by not contaminating the water.

Thankfully there are usually several events a year in or near the Twin Ports that help with the free disposal of unused medications, no matter the reason.

Since October 28th is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, there will be some opportunities to dispose of them.  One will be at the WLSSD Household Hazardous Waste Facility in Duluth from 9AM-4PM.

Two additional events will happen also on Saturday, October 28th both from 10AM-2PM with one in Virginia, MN and the other in Hibbing Minnesota.  Virginia's event will be at the Sheriff's Office located at 300 S. 5th Avenue.  Hibbing's will be at their Sheriff's Office located at 1810 12th Avenue East.

Medications to be disposed of should be brought in their original containers with any personal identification information crossed off.

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