Like many of us, I can't believe it's already September.  For me it's a downer because I know that motorcycle season will be coming to a close in the Twin Ports soon, but there are still plenty of riding opportunities.

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I generally avoid larger group rides for personal reasons but try my absolute best to make it to a couple that are for good causes or in memory of someone special to me.

One ride that means a lot to me, is Chic's Memorial Billboard Run.  John "Chic" Ciocarelli passed away in May of 2020, and Chic was a major cornerstone of the Twin Ports motorcycle community.

Pretty much the nicest guy ever, I don't know anyone who didn't enjoy spending time with Chic on or off motorcycles.  One of the events that Chic put a lot of work, time, and passion into was the annual motorcycle run to raise money for biker awareness billboards.

Previously called the "Billboard Run", the joint effort is the work of ABATE of Wisconsin Region 6B and the North East Chapter of ABATE-Minnesota.

For 2023, Chic's Memorial Billboard Run will be on Saturday, September 16th.  Registration opens at 11am and there is a shotgun start at noon leaving from The Chalet in Hermantown, or Builder's Saloon in Superior.

To ride, it's only $10 per person and they usually have raffle prizes along the way at each stop.  At the end of the ride, there will be a special drawing and auction to help further raise funds for the "Look for Motorcycles Billboards".

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