This month marks the 25th anniversary of one of the most shocking moments in Minnesota politics when former pro wrestler Jesse Ventura was elected Governor.

To mark this anniversary Twin Cities PBS is releasing a new documentary called 'Jesse Ventura Shocks the World', the documentary will premiere on January 16th and they say it "delves into Ventura's groundbreaking election as the Governor of Minnesota, offering a captivating look at his legacy and lasting impact on American politics."

Ventura was sworn in as Governor of Minnesota on January 4th, 1999 after surprising everyone by beating Republican St. Paul mayor Norm Coleman and Democratic-Farmer-Labor Attorney General Hubert H. "Skip" Humphrey III. Ventura ran as the Reform Party of Minnesota nominee and won the election spending only about $300,000 on his campaign a fraction of what the other candidates spent, and he was a pioneer in the use of the Internet in political campaigns.

Gov Jesse Ventura Speaks To The Metronorth Chamber April 11 2002 At The Tournament Play
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Mary Lahammer, the film's executive producer says, "We have a massive archive of interviews and never-before-seen footage that add context to his evolution from wrestler-celebrity to politician, and that will lead to some surprises along the way."

Lahammer was a political reporter for Twin Cities PBS during Ventura's time as mayor of Brooklyn Park and his run and eventual win to become Governor of Minnesota, her unique perspective will certainly give an interesting look behind the scenes of the improbable rise of Ventura.

The documentary will air on Twin Cities PBS channel TPT2 on January 16th and will also be available to stream on the PBS app.

Love him, or hate him, Ventura has an amazing story, once a member of the United States Navy Underwater Demolition Team during the Vietnam War, he moved on to become one of the biggest names in professional wrestling, after his wrestling career ended he moved into the world of politics and remains active fighting for causes he's passionate about, the latest being the legalization of marijuana in Minnesota.

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