Not all that long ago, there were only a handful of holiday light show attractions across the region. In recent years, the number of holiday light shows and attractions have exploded, delighting families, couples, and individuals looking for a magical evening surrounded by festive lights and holiday flair.

Heading into the 2023 holiday season, there is once again an incredible list to visit. I usually end up planning a couple of little road trips to visit some of these festive attractions across the region. If you're like me, knowing when and where each of these destinations is open for the season can help you in your planning.

Being someone who has lived in Duluth for many years, I do have to admit I have a special place in my heart for the Bentleyville Tour of Lights. This is one of the longest-running holiday light attractions on this list - and this year they mark a special milestone.

Bentleyville 2023 marks their 20th anniversary this year, celebrating their humble beginnings in the yard of Nathan Bentley to their incredible growth to a massive attraction that has been at Bayfront Festival Park for the last 15 years.

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That said, I know they have some special fun in store for their anniversary, so I'll share a shameless plug for this free attraction surrounded by the beautiful backdrop of the Aerial Lift Bridge and the Duluth hillside.

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All of that said, here's a list of this year's must-see attractions (including more details about Bentleyville, too!)

Must-See Walk-Through + Drive-Through Holiday Light Displays In Minnesota + Wisconsin For 2023

Whether it is a holiday date night or family adventure, these walk through and drive through light displays won't disappoint!

Gallery Credit: Nick Cooper