A Twin Ports animal shelter  is offering a unique and stinky Valentine's Day gift for those that think "Love Stinks".

Starting January 29th and running through February 14th The Humane Society of Douglas County will be selling "poo-hearts" for $5 that will be put into the shelter's litter boxes for the cats to do their business on.

The Humane Society of Douglas County staff will write the name of an ex, or someone that did you dirty on the hearts, they can also write the name of a sports team, food, celebrity, whatever you can think of. They say that they'll "provide the Poo, you provide the Boo."

The poo-tastic Valentine's Day gift will be available for purchase online with a credit card here, or you can pay with cash at the shelter, 138 Moccasin Mike Rd. They say that they have unlimited hearts available, and they have a goal of $3500.

Many other animal shelters across the country are doing a similar promotion of offering hearts to be placed in liter boxes, many zoos are also getting in on the anti-Valentine's Day fundraisers, the Bronx Zoo in New York does their famous "Name a roach" campaign, giving the public an opportunity to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach for $15 which includes a digital certificate of the naming.

The San Antonia Zoo is also going big for Valentine's Day with several promotions, including selling a Hippo poo candle, they say it's "one-of-a-kind candle captures our famous hippo, Timothy’s, signature scent of hippo poop." They are also offering what they call the "Naughty by Nature Tour", for $79 per person you'll get an after-dark cart tour to learn about "the romantic ways of wildlife. Your guide will regale you with tails of courtship, copulation, and commitment."

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