Earlier this spring, we shared that a new gardening supply business was getting ready to open in Duluth, offering a variety of gardening and growing supplies, including seeds and materials for growing now-legal cannabis.

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Minnesota in 2023, the budding cannabis industry has seen a lot of different businesses opening across the state.

While dispensaries are currently limited to a small handful of businesses operated on tribal lands, cannabis-derived THC beverage and edible businesses have sprung up, along with a growing number of places to purchase seeds and growing supplies to grow your own plants.

While the State of Minnesota doesn't yet have all of the infrastructure in place for licensing dispensaries, it became legal to grow your own plants when the state's recreational law went into effect.

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One of the businesses offering Minnesotans the opportunity to do just that is a newly-opened business in Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood called Grow Your Own Garden Supply.

Inside Grow Your Own Garden Supply in Duluth

TSM Duluth
TSM Duluth

Grow Your Own opened just a few weeks ago, offering a lot more than just cannabis-oriented products. The business has a selection of houseplants, starter garden plants like tomatoes and peppers, and a wealth of other gardening products like soil, pots, watering supplies, and more.

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At the heart of Grow Your Own's mission is "Growing Kind". What they mean by this is to teach and use growing practices that are environmentally friendly. The owners say on their website that besides just selling supplies, they also offer classes and expert knowledge on unconventional, yet proven and sustainable gardening and growing methods.

Where is Grow Your Own located?

Grow Your Own is located at 1801 W Michigan Street in Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood, right next to the recently-opened Ritual Salad restaurant.

Their hours are 11 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week.

Ok, but what about the "grow your own" part?

TSM Duluth
TSM Duluth

While this is way more than just a marijuana supply store, they do indeed have a selection of supplies specifically for growing your own cannabis plants.

They say they have one of the " largest and most diverse selections" of seeds in the Twin Ports area, with award-winning seeds from top breeders in the state and from around the world.

If you're wondering how much seeds for something like this would cost, it's clearly a little different than buying a pack of flower or vegetable seeds for a couple of bucks.

Most of the seed packets Grow Your Own offers in the store come with a small number of seeds, selling for anywhere between $35 to over $60, depending on what you're looking for.

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