If you were hoping to get out and enjoy the warm winter weather by spending some time on one of Duluth's many trails, you may have to come up with alternative plans.

Just as this season's abnormally warm conditions have impacted many different winter outdoor events and activities, these conditions have also now caused the closure of many of Duluth's trails.

In a press release issued by the City of Duluth, it was announced that all of the city's natural surface trails (dirt and/or grass) will be closed until further notice due to the conditions being brought about by the unseasonably warm weather.

At issue is the cycle of overnight below-freezing temperatures and daytime above-freezing temperatures creating "wet and vulnerable soil conditions that can damage trails with continued use."

Walking or biking through these soft, muddy, or wet areas can damage the trails and lead to erosion issues.

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The closure will remain in place until conditions return to consistent below-freezing conditions - or, if it stays warm, until trail conditions get drier to prevent these issues.

Not all trails in the city are impacted, however.

Gravel trails like the Duluth Winnipeg Pacific (DWP) Trail and Waabizheshikana (formerly Western Waterfront Trail) remain open all winter. It is worth noting that while they are open, they are not plowed during the winter.

Paved trails are also open, which are cleared of snow during the winter months. These include trails like the Campus Connector Trail, Lakewalk, and Cross-City Trail.

You can see the latest on Duluth's trails, including maps, on the City of Duluth Parks & Recreation website.

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