Costco, as most of us know, is a warehouse retail store that requires a yearly membership to shop at its stores. We just got a Costco store in Duluth on October 28, 2021, and the line to get into the store initially was down the block. Of course, there are similar places like Sam's Club which was already in the area, but this of course gives shoppers an extra option.

For many people, one of their favorite perks of Costco is their food court which has a huge variety of things to choose from at a reasonably low price. They are able to offer these food items at a bargain price because like everything else in the store they buy it in bulk.

Like many giant retail outlets, you can get lost in the aisles with all they have to offer which is so much more than food and paper goods. They also carry furniture, electronics, appliances, bedding, clothing, and more. Really for most people, it is a one-stop shop.

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So what about the membership fee? At the present time, Costco offers two levels of membership fees that you need to renew every year. They have the Gold Star Membership for $60 a year and the Executive membership for $120 a year. According to, they have not raised the membership price in the last six years.

Generally, they raise their prices every six years, but no official date has been announced about when this next price increase will happen. The chain's CFO Richard Galanti said as reported by that while nobody likes to pay higher fees, "but keep in mind, that's one way that we become even more competitive. We take those monies and directly become more -- even more competitive,"

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