My current binge watch of the moment is Law & Order: SVU. I have a ways to go, considering the show has 25 seasons and counting. I am currently on season seven and came across a fun Minnesota shoutout.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Season 25
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This has happened a handful of times throughout the seasons I have watched so far. It's fun because the show is a massive hit but it is also fun because Minnesota is far from New York City where the show takes place. This makes us feel like a little part of the action.

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Wisconsin has even received a shoutout so far! This time around, the fun hits even closer to home because it was a small Minnesota town that got some love: Brainerd. The teeny town got a quick mention.

This happened in episode six of season seven called Raw. Detectives are tracking a gun across the country when Minnesota gets a shoutout from Detective Munch, who says the following:

It was lovingly manufactured in Sturgis, South Dakota. Made its way to a wholesale distributor in Brainerd, Minnesota.

The detective even draws a line from Sturgis to Brainerd on a map. If nothing else, people who weren't familiar with it back in the early 2000s quickly learned that Brainerd existed. You've got to find fun in the little things, right?

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Speaking of Minnesota and television, hit Netflix series Love Is Blind is currently filming in Minneapolis. A casting call was put out last year to find people to take part in it and it looks like it is really happening!

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