Another new addition is coming to the Miller Hill Mall! There have been a handful of announcements of great things coming to the mall and now, there is another one to add to the list. This time, a familiar company is moving in: Sew With Me.

For those that don't know, Sew With Me is a popular arts and crafts store with locations across Minnesota. Those stores can be found in Lake Elmo and Coon Rapids. There is even a location in Duluth already, located along Piedmont Avenue. That store will be moving into the Miller Hill Mall, which means more parking and expanded education opportunities.

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There isn't an exact opening date for Sew With me as of now, but it will open at some point this fall, according to the Miller Hill Mall's website. The store will be located in between rue21 and maurices near JCPenney.

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The Sew With Me Facebook page dropped the big news on social media Tuesday (August 22nd). I was at the mall recently and noticed this very display but thought it was just a pretty quilt on display! I am glad a new store is going in there instead.

Still curious about Sew With Me? Their description on the Miller Hill Mall website describes the store as follows:

Sew With Me takes pride in being a creative sewing center, offering an exquisite selection of fabulous fabrics for quilting, garment construction, and home décor.
Love it! The Miller Hill Mall is really going through a transformation as of late. Despite a rough start to the year that included a partial collapse of the roof, there are a bunch of new stores that are moving into the mall in the near future, including Five Below and Collector's Connection.

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Apricot Lane Boutique recently announced they were moving out of the Miller Hill Mall and into a location outside of the mall. After that, it was announced that BoxLunch would be moving into that spot. BoxLunch is a pop culture gift store.

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