Recently, two College Of St. Scholastic students were assaulted in downtown Duluth. The Duluth Police Department said then that the assault happened around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, September 9 near 1st Avenue West and 1st Street.

According to Northern News Now, it wasn't clear what led to the assault or who was involved, but the victims were taken to the hospital. After the assault, College of St. Scholastica leadership sent a letter to students saying that despite the attack, downtown Duluth is a "remarkably safe place."

While that may be true, the police are actively trying to identify an assailant in this incident.

The Duluth Police Department reached out to the public through their Facebook page this week to share photos and to ask for help:

The Duluth Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the individual in the below photos. The individual in the photo is a suspect in an assault that occurred on Saturday, September 9, in the area of 1st Ave W and W 1st St.

If you have any information or know the individual in the below photo, you are encouraged to call DPD’s Violent Crimes Unit at (218)-730-5050 and reference ICR#23132234.

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Duluth Police Department Facebook
Duluth Police Department Facebook

As is always the case when authorities reach out for the public's help, the more people who see the pictures and know about the circumstances of the case, the better chance there is to identify anyone involved.

Even if you don't know who the person in the photos is, please share this information across social media and help spread the word.

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