I just got off the phone with my friend Rich who called to check up on me. He was on his way to Alborn, Minnesota to go 'Nomobiling.' I laughed and asked what the heck is nomobiling? That's not even a word, right?

This winter has been absolutely pathetic for anyone who enjoys winter activities. Heck, they had to truck in snow for the Birkie in Hayward for the 50th Anniversary. There hasn't been enough snow in the state for grooming trails or anything. That includes the North Shore which always has snow even when the rest of the state doesn't.

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It's been hitting trailside bars hard. They haven't had the snowmobile traffic they normally do in the winter. That's where nomobiling comes in.

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google maps

There's a group of 4 guys that go to the bars they normally go to on snowmobiles in the winter. The difference is they drive their car there because the snowmobiles aren't an option. They make a day out of it (and have a designated driver pick them up), and they hit up some of their favorite spots. I thought it was a pretty clever term, and I think it's a great idea to support these trailside establishments.

If you can't get out to go nomobiling, you can support some of these restaurants by purchasing gift cards. Or go out for dinner with some friends during the week. Help out these businesses that are hurting this winter and help them make it to spring, which could be any day now.

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