We all need some good news these days, right? A bad story seems to have a happy ending following the Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. But first, we need to go back to last year for the beginning of the story.

A year ago in January, a musher was training with his sled dog team when tragedy struck. A snowmobile seem to have veered in their direction and struck the sled and his team of dogs, severely injuring a couple of their dogs.

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It was a bad deal. I wrote an open letter to fellow snowmobilers about the hit-and-run incident. People put together a gofundme page and they raised over $41,000! It was heartwarming to see everyone come together.

Sled Dog Wildfire is one of those dogs that was hit. According to an update from WDIO, Wildfire made it across the finish line at this year's Beargrease Marathon. The doctor that operated on him, Dr. Heather Hadley was on hand to see the accomplishment.

Wildfire was on Musher Sarah Keefer's sled dog team. She says this dog belongs on the trail and loves to run. Fortunately, Dr. Hadley and Mission Animal Hospital took on the injured dog. They weren't sure how he would recover because of how badly injured he was. Fortunately things worked out in the long run, thanks to many people donating and not giving up on Wildfire.

Baihly Warfield, who hosts WDIO's 'The Lift' interviewed the dog's owner and veterinarian about the recovery process in a great interview. You should be sure to check it out on her program. 

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