Last August, the Minnesota Twins announced that fans at Target Field could download the ARound app and enjoy a first-of-its-kind stadium-level shared augmented reality (AR) platform.

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This cool new experience at Target Field kept audiences engaged by capturing their attention during game downtime through immersive, interactive, and shared experiences with other fans across the venue.

Not surprisingly, fans enjoyed it and the Twins recently announced they would be continuing their partnership with ARound with a second iteration that adds new features including immersive, real-time player and team data visualizations, along with in-ballpark AR games.

“We’ve made incredible inroads in shared AR since piloting this app with the Twins last August, consistently refining the platform in response to fan and team feedback," said ARound Founder and CEO Josh Beatty. "Incorporating stats into the experience was a frequent request. Now, as we enter our second season with the Twins, we're excited to bring forward a more advanced experience, integrating richer visualizations and AR entertainment to captivate fans of all kinds."

Courtesy of Twins Baseball
Courtesy of Twins Baseball

Adding official MLB statistics licensed from Sportradar to the new Twins AR experience lets fans delve into the world of live statistics and data visualization. The Twins say the new ways fans that fans will be able to connect with the action on the field include:

  • Real-Time Player and Team Statistics: Fans can access real-time advanced statistics like spray charts, exit velocity, and launch angles – all with a visual overlay matching their in-ballpark viewing angle at Target Field. This can help fans better understand player performance and make the game more engaging.
  • Historical Data Visualization: New historical data is now available for display for players and teams, providing context and comparison to past performances.
  • Interactive Data Experience: The statistics feed will allow fans to interact with sports data in unique and immersive ways, including AR games and experiences that incorporate live gameplay and statistics.
  • Live Game Analysis: The integration of real-time sports APIs allows for live analysis and replay of the action as the game unfolds.
  • Educational Tool: For those new to the sport or those wanting to learn more, the ARound app can act as an educational tool, providing both entertainment and explanations of live action, including real-time player and team performance.

The ARound app is available now to download for both iPhone and Android users. It certainly adds to the fan experience and it'll be interesting where they take the augmented reality platform from here.

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