It's always kind of neat when something from Minnesota gets some national attention. That's what happened on one of the History Channel's hit reality shows.

"Alone" is a series that's been on for years on the History Channel. The show follows people who try to survive in the wilderness for prize money. They are really alone, and they self-document their survival. The person who survives the longest gets the cash prize - 1 million dollars!

The contestants each get to bring 10 items with them. One of the contestants brought in a Tuff Camp Saw from Spring Creek Manufacturing. It was Juan Pablo who won an earlier season and the $500,000.

Spring Creek Manufacturing is located in Mountain Iron Minnesota. They create outdoor gear for wilderness adventures. They sell the Tuff Camp Saw, which is a foldable, lightweight, aluminum saw.

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The owners of the saw watch the show religiously, and they were ecstatic to see their saw featured on the show. The Duluth News Tribune shot a YouTube short showing the saw and how it works!

The saw is aluminum, strong, and is available in three sizes. It ranges in price depending on the size from $70-$80.

Keep an eye out for this Minnesota-made saw next time you watch a survival show. Or, get one for yourself for when you're out in the Minnesota wilderness. They're lightweight and easy to pack.

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