It's a strange story, but it's true. An 87-year-old man was murdered and the accused suspects are his 20-year-old grandson and his 50-year-old daughter-in-law. It gets weird though after the suspects made some paranormal claims about the victim.

Jacob Kempainen and his mother Margaret Kempainen are facing one count each of open murder and conspiracy to commit homicide after they allegedly shot 87-year-old Alvin Kempainen.

The killing happened at the victim's home near Lake Superior in Houghton County, Michigan.

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Jacob Kempainen has an apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he attends college.

Investigators quickly honed in on identifying Margaret and Jacob as potential suspects in the shooting. According to Law & Crime, they were located in Minnesota on Interstate 35, driving south toward Iowa. They were apprehended at a gas station.

The mother said that her son was the one who shot Alvin Kempainen. Both of them also made bizarre claims about how the shooting took place. They said that they believed that Alvin had already been murdered by malevolent spirits. Jacob then said that the spirits told him that Grandpa had opened up the well behind the house and then the spirits killed him.

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Margaret said he wasn't actually her father-in-law and he was possessed and moving around like a 20-year-old.

The Stories Are Similar to a 2015 Movie "The Visit."

Investigators said in the report that the stories were similar to the events in M. Night Shyamalan's film "The Visit."

The 2015 film is a found footage horror film where two children are sent to spend a visit with their grandparents whom they have never met. They learn during their visit that their grandparents are actually strangers and that their grandparents were murdered. The people claiming to be their grandparents were actually escaped patients from a psychiatric hospital.

Search warrant states that authorities were authorized to seize any "evidence of paranormal activity."

Authorities were directed to seize any "evidence of paranormal activity, spirits, possession of bodies including but not limited to the 2015 movie "The Visit."

Defendants to undergo competency evaluations.

Both the son and his mother will be undergoing competency evaluations to determine if they can stand trial. Read more about this bizarre story from

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