I made a joke to my wife the other day that I was sick and tired of not being able to keep a frozen pizza on the porch. Usually this time of year in Minnesota we can save a trip out to the garage freezer sometimes in the winter because it's so cold. You know, you go to put something in the freezer and it doesn't fit, so instead of making the trek through the snow (or mud this year), you just stick it out on the porch or back steps.

You can't keep things frozen outside.

I made a big batch of chili for playoff football last week. I put the leftovers in a container and stuck it on the porch. It froze, but then it completely thawed because I forgot about it and we hit 40 degrees - in January! The warm stretch of weather continues and we're above freezing for most of the time.

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It smells like spring.

I took the dog for a walk yesterday and my nose was running like crazy. It smelled like spring and some of that "snow mold" or other spring stuff we deal with around here has come out months early. Usually, this happens in April.


Mud - everywhere!

Like I said, I took the dog for a walk and then we had to give her a bath right after. Mud everywhere! Gross!

Beargrease canceled.

The normally snowiest place in Minnesota had to cancel the Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon because there's not enough snow on the North Shore.

Nick Cooper TSM
Nick Cooper TSM

It rained at Benleyville.

Usually, you freeze your butt of when you go to Bentleyville. Occasionally there could be some snow, but this year saw more rainy days in November and December than snowy days.

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We had grass growing on Christmas.

A dead brown spot in a green grass lawn
Garrett Aitken

Forget a white Christmas, we actually had grass greening up this Christmas. Do you ever remember that happening in Minnesota?

We still can't drive on the ice, and maybe won't this winter.

The ice is weak this year even in places up North where it normally isn't a problem. Lots of people who own fish houses haven't been able to get them out.

Man driving sports snowmobile in Finnish Lapland in a sunny day

There's not much hope left for a snowmobile season.

It's not a good year for snowmobiling. There hasn't been much snow, and just as important is that swamps and low areas haven't froze up and with temperatures well above freezing for the next week, it's not looking great.

Lower heating bill!

Hey, all of it isn't negative. We're saving money on heating the house. We really haven't had to let the car warm up too much in the morning. Heck, if I knew it was going to be like this, I wouldn't have put plastic up on the windows!

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