Do you think you have what it takes to survive after society collapses? I want to think that I would be ok because I can fish, hunt, and fix things. But there are some skills that I know I don't really have an excellent grasp on. I have a terrible green thumb. I really haven't canned anything, and I'm not so sure about freeze-drying.

I stumbled on an ad on social media for the Minnesota Prepper Expo. It's coming to central Minnesota at the end of June. It's a camping weekend where you'll learn skills and listen to guest speakers who are experts in different fields of prepping.

The event is described as a family-friendly get-together that will take place on June 30 - July 2nd, 2023. It's going to be held in Little Falls, Minnesota at the Morrison County Fair Grounds.

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You can see the lineup on their website. Friday's schedule starts with the First 30 Days" talk by Billy Storm Feather. He's a former marine and is an active U.S. Army Soldier. He's a lifelong survivalist and prepper and will be giving multiple speeches.

Other speakers include a retired RN who will discuss what OTC medicines you should have. She'll teach you what you need for a medical kit, and how to improvise when no help is coming.

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Are you interested in learning about freeze-drying for long-term storage? There will be information on that as well!

Camping is available with basic tent sites all the way up to RV sites. There will be vendors, food, and even live music on Saturday night.

What do you think? With the way the world is right now, having these skills doesn't seem like a bad idea.

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