The 2024 Duluth Airshow was a tremendous success as attendees witnessed many awe-inspiring moments throughout the weekend. Of course, it takes organizers a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes to make the Duluth Airshow soar.

Kern and Kompany work meticulously all year to ensure all the pieces are in place and their team is on point when the big weekend arrives. Of course, customer service and happy Duluth Air Show attendees are a top priority.

However, as anyone who has worked with customer service knows, you can't make everyone happy, especially when they have what would best be described as unique questions and concerns. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

That's what led Kern and Kompany President Ryan Kern to share some notable exchanges he had leading up to and then after the 2024 Duluth Air Show. As he stated in one of his social media posts, 'The world makes all types.'

I got a laugh out of the customer exchanges, so I asked Ryan if I could share them with everyone and he gave me the thumbs up.

Ryan Kern Customer Conversations Part I

Before the 2024 Duluth Airshow, Ryan took several calls from people who had questions about the event, a several stood out.

Here are a few doozies:

Planes Fly In The Wind?

Customer: I'm going to the airshow on Sunday, but I "hear" it's going to be windy. What are you going to do if it's windy, can the planes still fly?
Ryan: (internal discussion with myself: do I explain to her how aircraft wings work? Nah)

Please Control The Weather

Customer: When are you going to cancel the airshow?
Ryan: Why would we cancel the airshow?
Customer: Because it's gonna rain! I'm not gonna buy a ticket and have to sit in the rain...what can you do about that?
Ryan: Sir I don't control the weather...
Customer: How much does it cost to fly with the Thunderbirds?
Ryan: What do you mean?
Customer: I mean my family all want to do a ride with the Thunderbirds, can we schedule that with you?
Ryan: No Ma'am the Thunderbirds don't give rides. They are active military aircraft and that's not something that can happen.
Customer: Well that's stupid! My tax dollars should be worth something!
Ryan: Mmm hmm...

But, I Have A Submarine!

Customer: Who do I talk to about the parking?
Ryan: I can help you.
Customer: You guys are really unorganized. Why would you cancel your Green Lot? That's where I park!
Ryan: Sir it's virtually underwater and you would get stuck and it would jam up our entire parking plan. So we were proactive.
Customer: I want to talk to your boss!
Ryan: I am the boss...
Customer: (silence)
Ryan: hello?
Customer: click.

Ryan Kern Customer Conversations Part II:

Less than a week after sharing those customer exchanges, and after the 2024 Duluth Airshow was over, Ryan had made note of even more exchanges that had occurred during the event and after. Enjoy!

 Get This Person A Weather App!

The following was an email correspondence from someone who wanted to put the Duluth Airshow on the hook if the weather wouldn't cooperate, despite all forecasts saying it would be just fine that day.

Customer (email): Good morning, I see it’s raining this morning up in Duluth and it’s 5:30 a.m. so we are not going to come.
Ryan Reply: Ma’am the rain is stopping here in about an hour and gates open at 9:00 a.m. so we should be good to go. Come on up!
Customer (email): I don’t want to risk the rain.
Ryan Reply: The forecast is calling for 75 degrees and sunny by 9:00 a.m. so you’re good, come on up.
Customer (email): But what if it rains? Will you reimburse me for my gas?
Ryan Reply: I won’t be able to do that, but again check your forecast on your favorite app and come on up.
Customer (email): Yeah, I don’t know it might rain…
Ryan Reply: (chose not to reply any longer as this is an email chain)!!!

A Service What?!

This customer conversation is my favorite and it involves what may be the most unique service animal I've ever heard of.

Customer: Can I bring my Service Animal?
Ryan: If it’s a legitimate service animal sure we can’t stop you, but I HIGHLY recommend you don’t as the jet noise can damage the dog’s ears.
Customer: It’s not a dog, it’s my service Pig.
Ryan: Excuse me?
Customer: It’s a service Pig.
Ryan: You want to bring a Pig as your service animal?
Customer: Yes
Ryan: If you have papers…I guess.
Customer: No, I don’t have papers, but it comforts me, and I bought him a vest, so am I good?
Ryan: So, it’s not really a service animal? Just a Pig that comforts you?
Customer: Well, yes. But your website doesn’t say anything about pigs!
Ryan: We don’t allow pets and that includes pigs.

Refund? How About No.

Once the event is over, the customer fun continues!

Customer: Hey I'd like to request a refund.
Ryan: We don't offer refunds I'm sorry as all ticket sales are final.
Customer: Well I am going to do a stop payment on my CC if I don't get one.
Ryan: Can I ask why?
Customer: I came to the airshow on Sunday and got there at 10:45 am and walked around and saw all the exhibits and static aircraft, but nothing was flying so we left. So I want a refund.
Ryan: Did you buy a program with the flying schedule in it? Also, you do realize that flying begins anytime after 11:00 a.m. and we started at noon. It's clearly stated on our website...
Customer: I wasn't going to buy a program. Also when we left I heard the planes but we were already leaving.
Ryan: So you decided to leave after you saw everything and then became impatient and now you want us to refund you?
Customer: Correct.
Ryan: Yeah, no...I'm sorry.
Customer: @&#(@#(4$@# (click)

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I'm sure Ryan Kern and his Kern and Kompany team will continue to answer interesting customer questions as we await the 2025 Duluth Airshow. Speaking of which, they're already making plans for the event and they'd like to know which month you think would be best.

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