This week, the weather started windy but warm in the Northland with high temperatures rising into the 50's. I took full advantage of that by going outside for a run/walk during the lunch hour.

I didn't need a hat or gloves, and the sidewalks were sandy but free from snow and ice. That was the third time I've been able to do that this February, which is crazy. Normally, I'm stuck treadmilling until April at the earliest.

However, weather conditions will change in the Northland, and fast. The "feels like" temperature is about to drop over 70° in less than 36 hours, landing at around -20°.

Our media partners at WDIO-TV shared the cold truth Monday afternoon on their Facebook page, and if you don't have your winter gear handy, you'll want to find it immediately.

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They expect that by Wednesday morning cold air will return along with gusty winds. Wind Chills Wednesday morning could drop in the -15° to -25°F. There is also a little snow expected within that timeframe for parts of the Northland.

If you're not excited but such a dramatic temperature drop, the good news is that it won't last long. The WDIO extended forecast calls for temperatures to bounce back to as early as Friday.

  • Tuesday, February 27: Hi 37° / Low 2°
  • Wednesday, February 28: Hi 18° / Low 8°
  • Thursday, February 29: Hi 38° / Low 27°
  • Friday, March 1: Hi 52° / Low 33°
  • Saturday, March 2: Hi 50° / Low 35°
  • Sunday, March 3: Hi 50° / Low 35°
  • Monday, March 4: Hi 46° / Low 24°

It appears that the Farmers' Almanac's prediction that the Northland would experience a 'Polar Coaster' spring is accurate. Keep your winter jackets, shovels, and shorts all handy as there could be weeks when they all come into play!

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