Essentia Health in Duluth announced they will be forced to stop providing urgent care services at their Hermantown facility, located at 4855 W. Arrowhead Road. In an October 26 news release, they said the decision was made after careful thought and consideration.

It appears that staffing challenges are to blame for this difficult decision. Essentia notes that staffing challenges are a continued issue across all of the healthcare industry and without proper staffing, they are unable to consistently provide urgent care services in Hermantown.

This issue had already forced urgent care services at the Essentia Health-Hermantown Clinic to only be available on weekends. Now, those weekend urgent care services will end, with the last day of service on Sunday, October 29.

Essentia Health didn't specify whether they expected to resume urgent care services down the road, stating only that they would no longer be available for the "foreseeable future." They apologize for the inconvenience and thank patients for their understanding.

It's important to note that while urgent care services are ending, the Essentia Health-Hermantown Clinic remains open for regular patient care from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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Essentia Health patients in need of immediate care should consider their remaining urgent care facilities:

  • Essentia Health Urgent Care-West Duluth, located at 4214 Grand Avenue
  • Essentia Health Urgent Care-Duluth (Building F), located at 400 E 3rd Street
  • Essentia Health Urgent Care-Superior, located at 3500 Tower Avenue
  • Essentia Health Urgent Care-Cloquet, located at 1413 MN-33
  • Essentia Health Orthopedic Urgent Care-Duluth, located at 1301 Miller Trunk Highway, is also an option for those needing immediate care for sprains, strains, and broken bones.

Patients are also encouraged to consider Essentia's 24/7 Video Visits On Demand, E-Visits, or Nurse Care Line.

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