Recently, Duluth's Bent Paddle Brewing began offering THC+ Sparkling Waters in an assortment of flavors, as well as other THC products.

This week, they announced that those popular products will be available not just in the Duluth area, but throughout Minnesota thanks to expanded distribution partnerships.

In their press release, Bent Paddle Brewing notes that this milestone marks a significant step forward in providing 21+ consumers with "a unique and refreshing non-alcoholic beverage experience centered around Minnesota-grown, extracted, and manufactured low potency Delta ∆9 hemp-based sparkling waters and gummies."

Bent Paddle boasts they developed a range of 100% Minnesota-grown and produced cannabis-infused waters that deliver both exquisite taste and low-dose vibes they say their customers enjoy.

"We personally enjoy the feeling and benefits of clean, hemp-based, low potency Delta Δ9 cannabis so we jumped headfirst into R&D of these new waters over two years ago knowing Minnesota was headed toward legalization. We sought out the best of the best to partner with in Minnesota - our primary hemp grower Finnegan's Farm out of Two Harbors and our emulsion provider Superior Molecular out of White Bear Lake. We are incredibly proud of our products" says Bent Paddle's Pepin Young.

Bent Paddle Brewing
Bent Paddle Brewing

A few months ago, Bent Paddle partnered with Bernick's Distributing for Duluth and greater Minnesota distribution. Now, they've joined into a partnership with Artisan Distributing to get their products to the Twin Cities and the Southern half of the state at select retailers. This allows them to introduce their cannabis-infused waters and gummies to the entire state of Minnesota.

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Bent Paddle says their Delta Δ9 cannabis-infused waters and gummies are designed to cater to a wide range of preferences, from those looking to unwind after a long day to individuals seeking potential wellness benefits from cannabis.

Bent Paddle Brewing
Bent Paddle Brewing

Bent Paddle also has its products plus many others in their Duluth-based Cann-A-Lounge + Market,  which is a 21+ experiential lounge space and edible hemp-based, low-potency cannabis product to-go shop located at 1832 W. Michigan Street in Duluth. It's open weekly Thursday through Sunday.

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